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Harry Ramsden's

After having a day shopping at the Merry Hill Centre my wife and i decided to go for a meal at Harry Ramsdens Restaurant, it was friday 18/1/08 5.45pm. the place was empty-there were 3 tables occupied bunched together at the windows, we stood waiting 5min until someone arrived, but was then told they had stopped serving in the restaurant now (centre closes at 7pm) but we could use their takeaway next we went in the takeaway and ordered our food and sat down on the one empty table ( the other one was occupied and the rest of them had been put away - the time is 5.55pm) it was a cold place, uncleaned table and again you had to sit at the window.

Our meal was put on the counter for us to collect at 6.08pm , the fishcakes and chicken nuggets were delicious, drinks ok, the chips seemed to have been cooked a while -dried up, a bit chewy, not nice at all. the bread was bordering on stale.

During our meal a total of 17 potential diners entered the restaurant to be turned away, one couple went back and complained to the manager to no avail, some came into the takeaway,they closed the restaurant doors at 6.15pm and the takeaway doors at 6.40pm. we were still eating our meal watching more families trying the locked doors.

We left the takeaway at 6.45 we passed a group of 6 teenagers an one said ' Let's go to Harry Ramsdens' . GOOD LUCK ! i thought.

This restaurant has to be the worst Harry Ramsdens if it isn't i'd hate to see one worse. We have tried many times to dine at either the restaurant or slum it in the takeaway listed are reasons why we couldn't ----


arrived half a dozen times between 6.30 and 6.45pm door locked - closing time 7pm!!!!

arrived half a dozen times between 9.30 and 9.45pm door locked - closing time 10pm!!!!

once we did get in at 6.35pm we were told that they werent serving and the door should have been locked, i asked for the manager to complain to, she stood her ground until i noticed the complaints phone number, we got our food at 6.50 locked in while customers tapped the window asking 'are you open'.


on two occasions waiting to be shown to a table we were told that we must sit at the window to dine, the restaurant was nearly empty with only 4 and 5 tables taken, i asked to be seated away from the window as i dont want to be on show to all passing but was told bluntly ' its here or nothing'

customers should ring the complaints number displayed - i did and was sent a £10 voucher for meals - but its not a voucher we want its good service.

Monday, January 21, 2008
Overall rating 2 stars
Food 5 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 0 | Value for money 2

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