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I am a true hackney local and really love to sing the praises of our district. As such I have always dragged friends and foes down the dodgy street to enjoy bistrotheque.

However my last two visits have left me a little dissapointed. I dont know what has happened but it seems to have lost somethig quite special.

My last visit, a friday night, was a total disaster. I will admit it was busy, but surely a restaurant seats the tables it can cope with!!!

we waited 30 mins after our reservation before our table was ready, never a good start when you have already spent an hour filling the tills in the bar. after being seated, we were served our drink almost immediatly and to be fair they were as always, fantastic.

the food however was a shambles. after ordering, we waited 20 mins for our starters, two salads and two crab cake (both of which were cold and the salad was witled (i suspect from being treated very badly!) Our mains were a little faster, but were quickly slowed to a halt when my guests was almost stone cold. it was quickly taken away and fairly quickly replaced, but still!!!

over all, its a great venue, but you just get the feeling that as a regular, you see a steady decline in standards.

however as a closing point the most disturbing point was the almost child like squeeling that the chef who seemed to be trying to control the chaos was creating. i dont mean as i passed the kitchen, i mean we could hear almost every word from our distant table!! not the professional behaviour you would expect from a restaurant which is essentially an established business!

just a thought!

Saturday, February 23, 2008
Overall rating 5 stars
Food 2 | Service 4 | Atmosphere 7 | Value for money 5

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