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The Brickhouse

The Brickhouse is a great concept; the fusion of food, music and live visual entertainment but in this case the execution did not do it justice.

The meal started well; all of us in my group were pleased with our starters. I had the rare tuna with wasabi foam which was equisite. It was very light and yet still had that kick that I enjoy when it hits me. Things were pretty much downhill from there. When the main course arrived the unanimous reaction from my group was "where is the rest of it?!" It was literally the same size as the starter. The starter whet my appetite but the main just seemed to do the same! Dessert was also forgetable, not even worth mentioning.

Service was sloppy. I felt that the waitresses were too busy trying to be cool rather than focussing on whether the customer was happy. When one of my group mentioned that the main course was too small she had the audacity to say "its about quality not quantity!". First of all she is not paying for this, and secondly we don't expect to have to think about going to the bagel shop across the road afterwards when we go for a 3 course dinner at a restaurant!

I was also not impressed by the fact that from where we were sitting we missed 90% of the "performance" due to the restricted view. It didn't once occurr to any of the staff to suggest before the performance that we move to somewhere where we can actually see it.

Despite the wonderful venue, the attention to detail in the decor had a lot to be desired. For some reason they decided to use those disposable paper table cloths that you get when you go to one of those cheap restaurants in China Town. Candles are always a nice touch but here they just stuck a tea-light in a shot glass. If the minimalist look is what they were seeking, they should use high quality fittings is a sparing manner.

Lastly, the DJ was lame. He might as well have just put on a panpipes CD.

I was thoroughly disappointed with my experience at the Brickhouse. Our bill came to £60 per head and we left unenteratained, hungry and looking forward to spending the rest of the night somewhere else.

Sunday, February 24, 2008
Overall rating 4 stars
Food 5 | Service 4 | Atmosphere 5 | Value for money 3

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