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In summary, this place is fantastic! Great atmosphere with a fresh feel, great food and impeccable service.

My wife and I visited on 15 Feb for a post Valentines dinner. We weren't disappointed. We chose the "surprise" 7 course dinner and are very glad we did.

Simon, the head sommelier did us a special treat by providing us with a glass of wine to complement each dish. How he matched the wines up so well to each course is beyond belief. The wines were a mixture of old school European mixed in with a great bunch of new world from Chile and Argentina amongst other places. Apparently, a glass per dish isn't something they usually do, but as we asked so nicely, I don't think they could say no. We wouldn't have been disappointed if they had have done. The food was so inventive and full of varying tastes, it would have been enough of a treat for us.

From the chestnut veloute, to the rare fillet of beef, to the hibiscus flower scented ice cream, each course was fantastically prepared. This experience was fine dining at its best. We've been to Ramsey's Hospital Road, Petrus, The Square, La Gavroche and all 3 of the other 2 michelin star restaurants in London. This place rates in the top 10% - easily. Claude and Clare should certainly win back their 2nd star if there's any comparison to the competition. It was a lovely touch that Claude (the head chef) came out and chatted to all the diners at the end of the service.

I'm so glad I didn't pay too much attention to the review by Guardian reviewer, Matthew Norman. He was way off! Iíd certainly recommend this place to anyone thinking of somewhere special to go, and at less than £300 for the 2 of us, itís very competitively priced compared to itís peers.

Sunday, February 17, 2008
Overall rating 10 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 10

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

A pretty good restaurant. Certainly worthy of 1 maybe even 2 michelin stars at a push. Doesn't really compare to The Square, Capital or Petrus though.

Service is pretty good though not brilliant. Staff are very nice and very friendly and relaxed, atmosphere is very good, there's a nice buzz about the place, even though it's quite a small restaurant. Decor has a very fresh look and feel. The food, what about the food? We took the prestige 7 course. A couple of courses were amazing, namely the scallops and the tarte tatin. Everything else was, to be honest, either quite bland or quite acidic. I suppose the head chef (in Gordon Ramsey's absence) is only 29 years old. On to the wine, and whilst the sommelier made a couple of great choices, and don't think he realised how bland the beef was going to be, because the Rhone he chose to go with it was very overpowering and excessively full bodied.

Anyway, all in all, we were out to have a great night and we certainly did. It was a friend's birthday and we're not the kinds of people to moan and grumble about things, make the best of any situation is our philosophy. I think we could have had just as great a time paying much less though. This dining experience was certainly not worth £200+ a head.

Saturday, February 03, 2007
Overall rating 7 stars
Food 6 | Service 7 | Atmosphere 9 | Value for money 4

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