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We've just returned after a lovely meal here. The grilled seabreem was about the best I've had. My partner had a pasta from the specials board which was interesting and tasty.

We shared a starter, had 2 mains, 3 soft drinks and 2 cappucinos and the bill was under £30. A bargain for Brighton!

The service was very friendly and also very quick.

We'll be returning soon.

Friday, January 01, 2010
Overall rating 9 stars
Food 9 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 10

Elephant Royale

I've been going to Elephant Royale for about a year now and I have been 8 or 9 times.

The food is simply devine. The service....well the best thing I can say is that they don't interfere. The staff are perfectly polite but there is very little interaction between them and the customers.

The service is exemplary if you want speed and curtesy but sometimes the food is just put on the table without so much as a smile or even eye-contact.

HOWEVER.... the food is the best Thai I've ever had. We travel by train and then DLR to get to this restaurant which is a bit of a trek but always, always worth it. And the cocktails are luscious. We always start with a Rum-cup for 2. It's like a gold-fish bowl but soooo delicious!

I've never managed a dessert because I've never managed to finish my meal as the portions are more than generous.

Try it and see. The Lamb Massaman is fabulous! If you chat to the waiting staff they will reply and some are more chatty than others, but don't expect to hear their life history!

Monday, December 21, 2009
Overall rating 9 stars
Food 10 | Service 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 9

Chapters All Day Dining

I've eaten at Chapter 2 on at least 20 occasions in the last few years and have never been disappointed with the food. Yes, you usually spend at least twice more than you expect because of the 'extras' and the very high mark-up on the wines and soft drinks but it has always been worth it.

However Chapter 2 has recently become Chapters All Day Dining and it's awful!

The cost is actually the same if not higher than previously charged. £20 for a steak PLUS £2.95 for sides?!

We called midweek and wanted a table for 8pm. We were told we could have 7.45 or 8.15. We got there at 8 anyway and there were several empty tables, so we didn't understand why we couldn't have the time we requested .

As my friend and I were both driving we declined wine and from then on we found the service to be rushed and quite rude at times. The wine glasses were snatched away from our table and we both felt that as we obviously weren't going to be spending a fortune the staff weren't interested in us.

The price of the food is now much higher than previously.

I ordered a lamb tagine with cous cous for £10:50 which was perfectly decent but a very small portion and with no accompaniments. My friend ordered a fish 'special' at about £13 which was tasty but very small and again no accompaniments. The salad we added was in a bowl smaller than a cereal bowl and cost £3. We then ordered puddings and I had the smallest piece of cheesecake I have ever seen! I also asked the waitress whether some of the desserts contained nuts because I'm allergic to walnuts and pecans and she made no effort to find out, simply shrugged and said that the cheesecake didn't.

Shame on Chapters for the changes. If they want to be a bistro they need to become a bistro. The portions are far, far too small and the cost much too high. Chapter 2 was a very decent high-end restaurant and made a lovely change from the chain pizzerias in the area. It was somewhere special where you could eat excellent food that was prepared with skill and invention. I'm afraid I'd rather eat at Cafe Rouge now. It may be mediocre but it doesn't feel like I'm being ripped off.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Overall rating 4 stars
Food 7 | Service 4 | Atmosphere 3 | Value for money 2

The Brockley Kitchen

We have a local business and all of my staff use Brockley Kitchen for breakfast and / or lunch several times a week.

The food is fabulous - fresh, well prepared and cooked to order perfectly. Plus the guys who work there are fun and friendly.

I often take their food home to reheat later. The lamb-shank with jollof rice is a particular favourite. And the fat chips.....ooohhhhh !!!!!!!!

I'm sure the guys would do diet size portions if you asked, but do yourself a favour and don't ask!

Friday, April 25, 2008
Overall rating 10 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 10

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