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Bistrot Passage Cafe

I wish that my experience at what could have been a fantastic little cafe was the same as fellow reviewers. I have just returned from what can only be described as an awful lunch.

My partner and I turned up on our lunch break to what we'd hope would be a lovely meal in such a lovely looking place. Instead, we walked in to find no waiters, about to turn around and leave the only waitress ushered us to a table. about 5 minutes later we ordered our food and drinks and waited. 10 mins later our drinks arrived. Then we waited, and waited. The hour break we had was quickly eaten up by the 40 minutes waiting for food and when it finally came (mine a crepe Florentine, hardly a slow dish and my partner's salmon with pasta), his salmon was cold!

Fellow couples were incredibly annoyed at the wait and left telling the waitress to cancel the orders, others turned away who had just walked in. I quickly finished my crepe as I was already 10 minutes late for work and my partner had to make do with a pre-packaged sandwich from another cafe.

The waitress agreed to give us our drinks and the crepe on the house - the only consolation during the entire experience. Again, I wish my experience was different, as I had walked past the bistro a number of times and always thought how wonderful and welcoming it looked.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Overall rating 1 stars
Food 0 | Service 0 | Atmosphere 3 | Value for money 2


The take away here is unbeatable and fantastic value. The only downside is they've introduced a buffet option. One night my partner and I decided to eat-in. The waitress they had that night kept rudely pushing it, saying "DO YOU WANT BUFFET?" (She pronounced it buff-ett, as in a blow, not the smorgasboard.). Which we had to repeatedly tell her no, unfortunately it means we've been put off eating in, but will continue getting take-aways.

Thursday, June 19, 2008
Overall rating 8 stars
Food 10 | Service 5 | Atmosphere 8 | Value for money 10

Clos Maggiore

Went to Clos Maggiore for my birthday. From the moment we arrived til we left it was truly a very special evening. The staff where attentive without being overbearing, they seems to be there right when you need them and seem to have a sixth sense when you want some privacy. And the venue is absolutely stunning!

The food was nothing short of amazing (especially the wild mushroom open lasagna) and a wine list to make the biggest wine buff happy (a heavy ring binder displaying nearly 100 pages of wines), though as myself and my partner, while appreciate wine, know nothing about it and opted to have a glass of the recommended wines with our respective meals, which proved a much better idea since we got to try and variety of wines with different courses.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Overall rating 9 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 7

El Rocio Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Been here countless times after I met Mr. Sirous at Staples, where I worked very briefly, printing out his old menus. Since then I've taken my parents, my partner's mother and we've always had a great time, it's one of those places you feel instantly comfortable (speaking of which, I'm still trying to work out how to steal one of those red couches...)

The service, the food, the value are always brilliant and packed even on a Tuesday night, booking is VERY recommended for weekends. If you fancy brunch, indulge in a Spanish omelette, but you might want to share it with some one else as they're quite big.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Overall rating 10 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 10


Went for the first time on Friday night, after being turned down at a few restaurants (we hadn't booked, it was an impromptu celebration), we went into Mela. The maître d' approached us and said they were fully booked (my partner looked crestfallen as it smelled so good in there and started to leave). The maître d' laughed and said he was joking and said of course he had a table for us, he tries to keep double tables in case couples show up and chatted for a bit while our table was being set up.

The service was fantastic and perfectly paced, not too fast or slow, but the real star of the show was the food. We have never come away from an Indian meal thinking the vegetable dish was the star (we normally order 2 meat dishes and one veg). We had ordered Ameenabadi Aloo: potatoes stuffed with cashew nuts, raisins and pomegranate seeds, among other things and it tasted fantastic with the right amount of heat. Our next favorite was the rabbit dish, though it we thought the combination of rabbit meat with the soft shell crab's sauce would be an idea worth trying. A pity we were too stuffed to try and of the deserts and with half bottles of wine on the menu, it makes a worth while visit for those who want a little wine with their food without buying a whole bottle.

Monday, May 19, 2008
Overall rating 10 stars
Food 10 | Service 10 | Atmosphere 10 | Value for money 8

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