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The Fox

I went to The Fox yesterday evening, and it was, without question the worst meal I have ever ever had.

I had reservations from the beginning, we walked in, and no-one bothered to come and ask if we were dining, sat down, the place was dead and tacky music blaring. I ordered 'Garlic Mushrooms on Toasted Brioche with Onion Marmalade' as it was the least unappealing starter option. What came was some haphazardly chopped mushrooms in a sauce that looked and tasted like off mushroom soup, no garlic at all, atop a soggy hunk of sweet brioche with some fried red onion that had had some sugar whacked in at the end of cooking. It was utterly grotesque, and something I very much doubt the huge Alsatian dog who was one of the few customers would have even eaten. My boyfriend ordered onion soup, which was under seasoned and overly oily. But edible. The waitress who took our plates didn't even think to enquire why I had left my plate untouched. Another came over, very apologetic, but clueless. I asked for it to be removed from the bill. For a main course I ordered a 'Salmon and Tuna Brochette with Roasted Vegetables, Beetroot Salad and Lemon Butter' which, again was the least unappealing of the options. I can't even begin to describe how revolting this was. A bamboo skewer with one cube of overcooked tuna, and some salmon that tasted like it had been marinated for a week with red onion. The beetroot salad was a mass of salad leaves with two slices of the vegetable, with cherry tomatoes placed on cucumber slices around some kind of garnish moat. I suggest the chef spend more time on other elements. The salad tasted bizarre, like it had been stored next to meat. The lemon butter was missing in action, replaced with some pink creamy slop. This was £13.95. Again, I barely ate a mouthful. My boyfriends burger was not medium rare as requested and came with very obviously frozen skinny fries, though again, it was just about edible. Needless to say we skipped on dessert. The bill came and I had been charged for the main course. We also had a 12.5% service charge which to me seemed ludicrous. I have never in my life sent back two courses consecutively. So, without guilt we paid for the wine, my partners meal, and left the service charge begrudgingly. I would never ever eat there ever again. I am surprised that it has any positive reviews here, or anywhere. My worst dining experience in London so far.

Friday, June 06, 2008
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